About us.

Being one of the earliest pioneers of microcement in the U.K., we took microcement and turned it on its head!  The U.K. Manufactured product we use today is by far the best and strongest on the market, chosen because of it’s consistancy in qaulity and great performance of a complete system. Which means we deliver a durable fully stain resistant installation every time.

Being in the flooring industry, our expertise lies in preparing sub-bases that can take on our broad but specialised range of finishes, whether it be microcement, polished concrete, resin,power floated concrete or industrial coatings. 


It doesn’t stop there! Our time in the industry has taken us all over Europe installing our polished plasters, microcement and other decorative finishes in pools, shops, warehouses, clubs, pubs, hotels, wet rooms, work tops, as well as domestic extensions and kitchens.

Working with the homeowner, designer, or contractor, we guide our clients on sub base preparation, sample procurement and installation.

We pride ourselves on our abilities to provide an excellent service, on time, every time! 

If you have a microcement, Venetian polished plaster, or decorative concrete project, and you want the best value for money service, call us to avoid disappointment!


Greystone Construct & Design offer Microcement applications for both Private & Commercial sectors.


  • Microcement
  • Polished Plaster
  • Oxide Effects
  • Printed Concrete
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